Free guided tour to Life Safety Training Center (May 21 Sun)


   We are organizing another guided tour (fee admission) to Life Safety Learning Center (LSL Center) in Honjo, Tokyo (15-minute walk from JR Kinshicho Station, Sobu Line) on Sunday, May 21, from 14:30 to 16:00. This LSL center boasts earthquake simulator with realistic 3-D motions (which the one at Ikebukuro LSL Center does not have), weather simulator for torrential rain and hurricane-class wind generations, and flood-evacuation training facilities. While the official tour guide speaks Japanese, an earth science professor at Chiba University is participating this tour as an English-Japanese translator.


  If you are interested, please make a reservation from the online form below by 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, 2 May.  Students, faculty, and other staff members of the university are welcome. The maximum number of participants is 15. The priority is given to those students who are currently taking the Japan Study class “Confronting Natural Disasters,” and those who live in the flood-prone areas by typhoon, high tide, and crevassing of levee by earthquakes (e.g., Tokyo Lowland which includes Sumida, Katsushika, Koutou wards of Tokyo and the surrounding lowland such as Ichikawa, Chiba, and the reclaimed areas along the Tokyo Bay). For further information and reservation, visit the following webpages:

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