Academic Writing and Presentation Seminars


  I joined a two-day seminar on academic writing and oral presentations. The workshop was held at our Chiba University for faculty members and graduate students in science and engineering departments on March 3 and 4. The seminar was given by one lecturer, Dr. Jeffrey Robens, from Edanz, an academic editing company in Fukuoka, Japan. Edanz's expertise covers a broad range of fields:


  Dr. Robens's lecture was so informative with in-depth analyses of peer-review processes and pitfalls that many authors have. His talk was dynamic with a sense of humor and lots of interactions with the audience.

  During the break, I asked several questions to Dr. Robens. He diligently listened to my questions and answered each of them very clearly. Moreover, immediately after the break, he quoted my questions as well as those from other participants and gave his answers/responses to the audience. This is something I seldom see when attending this sort of workshop, as most lecturers are rushed to explain all the slides in time.

  I thoroughly enjoyed attending these seminars, both for academic writing and presentation skills. Thank you, Dr. Robens!