Salad Bar

One of the challenges in living in Japan is to find a decent salad bar with a wide variety of veggie selections and reasonable price. Salad bars are rare and pricey over here, and are often associated with breakfast and lunch buffets or health-food restaurants where veggie dish are served as a mixture with fish and tofu. I need pure leafy greens! So when I miss a salad bar, I go to a steakhouse near my house in Chiba for dinner. I usually order a small portion of beef steak here. It's enough for dinner because the salad bar, soup, rice dishes, waffles, and soft drinks are free.

The soup here is always Beef Stroganov, with ample serving of steak meats!

The dinner for two tonight cost about 5,260 yen:

Beef Steak (180 g) 1,780 yen for each

(salad bar, fruits, garlic rice, waffle, coffee, all included)

House Wine (Cabernet Sauvgnon from France) 1,700 yen (v. good taste for the price)

For the info of the salad bar/steak house, visit: