Dejection in Digital Era


   One of my friends sent me the link to the above Youtube video yesterday, which made me laught a lot. Alas, I am one of those who fed up with using too much digital info. It is often very difficult for me to locate the information I need: it is buried in one of my computers, iPad, iPhone, USBs, external hard drives, Pomera, etc. I stopped using Cloud, as it has rather adverse effect on me to organize and retrieve right info. So I miss the good old days when most of the info (text, reports, books, drawings, even photos) were in the paper/printed form, which were well organized in my book shelves, document file cabinets, etc. -- but it was years ago when I was living in Canada and the US with lots of spaces in my office and apartments. Today I am not afford to have enough space to store my data in hard copies.