Living Like a Vegan (at Home Only)


  For a medical reason, I have recently started having vegetarian and vegan meals more often. I feel a quite noticeable health benefit immediately after the meal (good mood and focus lasting until the day I have a non-vegetarian meal). Last week I started to cook only raw vegan foods at home, which saves time and money as well (EVEN in Japan where my vegetarian and vegan friends from overseas complain about poor availability of vegetarian/vegan foods -- restaurants, grocers, and farmer's markets; these are, in part, due to language barriers as these foods are seldom advertised in English or other foreign languages).  I will reveal the secrets of finding vegetarian/vegan foods in Japan one by one in my website.



  I cannot give up (1) falafel, (2) sprouted brown rice (steamed), and (3) miso soup (with no animal extracts), so I cannot become a complete RAW vegan. But otherwise I love raw-vegan foods, and my meals at home are of raw-vegan type these days.




P.S. I started to eat egg, fish, and chicken (and less often, red meat) when I have meals with non-vegetarian friends, especially at parties: just to be sociable and not to offend them. But I try to eat more vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods even at these social occassions. Cooking vegetarian/vegan foods at home has not only health benefits but also saves a lot of time and money. So I still stick to raw-vegan dietary regimen at home, and balancing the nutrients not available by vegan foods (animal proteins, etc.) while having meals with friends at their places, restaurants, etc.