The Joe Show


Since last autumn, I have been subscribing e-Newsletter from Joe Cross from the documentary film "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", and I owe a lot to this film (which I introduced in this blog) and Joe, for making me more health-conscious. My encounter with Joe's film is the reason I started drinking green juice and green smoothie (or other veggie juice) almost every day (when I have an access to my home kitchen).


I have just received a recent installation of Joe's e-Newsletter, which introduced his new series -- The Joe Show. Watch the above Youtube video for the premier of the show. It contains several useful tips on more healthy lifes: not only juicing but also physical exercises! It was so simple that I immediately started to practice it by myself at home. I even bought a trampoline which is almost identical to the ones that appear in the above video.  


I cannot wait for the next episode of The Joe Show. Good job, Joe!