Green-Juice Fasting (Part 3)

I have recently discovered that the mixed fruit and vegetable juice from JA (Japan Agriculture) is much cheaper than other brand (Ito-en and Kagome are the two leading companies in selling this sort of juice). In the supermarket near my house, the 1 litre juice of JA costs 198 yen, whereas Ito-en's counterpart, about which I wrote in my previous blog article in this series, costs around 236 yen on sale (sometimes as much as 268 yen), and Kagome around 268 yen (sometimes above 300 yen).


So these days I drink the above juice (it comes in two different flavors) with yogurt-flavored protein powder from Gold's Gym, and sometimes with ginger powder, which warms me up in the stomach, and/or enzime powder, which is good for mens health (curing andropause). Though I started drinking this sort of juice every morning over the past 1 month, I started to feel ample health benefits. My body is lighter, and I became more swift in moving and decision making.  So I have been recommending morning/half-day juice-fasting to my friends, and some of them have started their own!