Late Night Cycling

  Tonight I went to the gym, which is located about 15 km away from my home, by bicycle. I usually use trains to reach there, and this was my first attempt to commute there by push-byke. As it was so dark already when I left my house, I got lost in the middle of the monotonous residential areas. As a result, it took 1 hour and 55 minutes (so nearly 2 hours) from home to the gym! 


  One of my colleagues at the university lives near the gym, and he told me that it would take less than 30 minutes, as he commutes the same way (as my home is very close to our university campus) by push-bike. I must have been riding for at least 30 km on the way to the gym.

  On my way back home, I did not get lost, but it took 1 hour for me to ride all the way from the gym. Maybe I was too cautious due to the darkness. It was also freezingly cold!