Get Active with Calorie-meter

 Since mid-September, I have been using Tanita's Calorism, a small portable device (supposed to be attached on the chest) that measure your calorie consumption, waking/running distance, steps taken (a la pedometer), active hours, and body fat burnt in real time.  As I can see how many calories I burnt in real time, it is a great motivator to do more walking, house choir like cleaning or dish-washing (even cooking), and visiting gym in the evening. I am using the latest model of Calorism as shown below.

 It is pity that it is on sale only in Japan. One of my American friends living in Tokyo is using Calorism (same model as mine), and one of my German friends in Tokyo is now thinking of buying the same model for himself to keep fit. If only Tanita provides the manual in English...