Healed by Vegan Foods

  A month ago, one of my friends in Austin, Texas, recommended I should watch the above film "Folks Over Knives".


  This is a documentary film which demonstrates strong effect of vegan diet to Reverse the aging and deteriorating process of cardiovasucular and blood system of middle-aged men and women in a few months, even after having typical American diet for decades. Susan, my friend in Ausitn who strongly recommended me the film, said that a part of the movie refers to andropause, so this movie might help I cure my illness. So I have recently watched it.


  This turned out to be a great and informative movie, but I do not agree with many parts. More over, going vegan diet (as well as going Atkins diet) often has advert effects to those who suffer from severe andropause. I will write a separate article(s) on these effects.


  Nonetheless, this is a great film to reconsider our eating habits even here in Japan. So I recommend this film to everyone; even men with andropause might get some useful info out of it.