National Speakers Association

  I have recently become a professional member of NSA (National Speakers Association) to improve my public-speaking skills. It appears that I am the only NSA member in Japan, so I look for other members over here (if there is any), or a chapter to join in the US so that I could fly there, join workshops/seminars, conferences, and other events. I visit California almost every year, so I might choose one over there.


  I am a member of toastmasters clubs since year 2001. I first started my toastmasters experience in Laramie, Wyoming, where I worked as a research scientist at a lab in the University of Wyoming. In 2002, I started a new job at the University of Texas at Austin, and gained CTM (competitive toastmaster) qualification in 2004 from The Austin Toastmasters Club which I still belong to. So choosing a chapter in Texas is another option.


  Choices, choices, ... If you know a delightful chapter for me to join, please let me know (email: ).