I have recently been diagnosed at a university hospital in Tokyo that I have been suffering from andropause, causing me various symptoms like ADD (attention-deficit disorder) and male version of menopause. My case was so acute that I still have a difficulty in reading (like dyslexia) and writing as well as thinking clearly as I used to as a research scientist. These symptoms all started to a noticeable level when I moved from the US to this country in 2005, and got more acute within the following 2-3 years. It was caused by mental stress: not only chronic one but also several incidents. Fortunately (though it took about seven years) about 3 months ago (about the time when I stopped keeping up with adding blog articles) I was diagnosed that I suffer from andropause. Since then I have been treated by medical experts, and, though gradual, I am on the recovery curve.

Today, in this country, it is estimated that six million men who suffer from andropause in various degrees, and most of them do not realize that they suffer from it. Sometimes it is mistaken for depression or other illness. Even in the US, to this date, there are five million men who suffer from andropause, but only ten percent of them realize they suffer from andropause. So even people who discovered that they suffer from andropause, it often several years, sometimes more than a decade, before their andropause was discovered by medical experts. So my case of seven-year agony is not rare; rather I was lucky to discover my illness.  Bottom line: early discovery is important to prevent and cure andropause for all men, even in their early 30s.

Since last August, I have studied a lot about andropause with my then deteriorated (now recovering) brain, and found that many professionals such as scientists, CEOs, astronauts, writers, journalists, as well as sport athletes, suffer from andropause. So I have decided to write a series of articles on andropause in my blog, and post a copy to my website (classified archive). To get to know what andropause is, watch the Youtube video above, or visit the following website:


Posted on Saturday 27 October 2012.