I Hate Beer Now (Part 3)

  Today at our university, we had a workshop on active faults that caused earthquakes and tsunamis in the historical past. It was organized by a professor in geomorphology, and we had informative lectures and discussions. After the workshop (Day 1), we all went to an izakaya in our town center for dinner. I was the only person who did not drink alcohol at this gathering.

  But this time I had no guilt for not being a social drinker. I naturally said no to any alcohol, and I had two bottles of non-alcohol beer, and a glass of grapefruit juice, while staying at the izakaya for nearly 4 hours. I had no cravings of alcohol at all. I am glad about this change of me.


  We enjoyed the dinner and drinking a lot - for me even without any alcohol. Conversations as well as foods are more important as ever.




Posted on Saturday 21 July 2012