Drinking Fountain Never Used

  One of the surprising things I found in Japan is that people do not use public drinking fountain on the platform of the stations. I have seen many people using drinking foundains with fridged cold water in the gym, but not those in the railway stations.


  If it is cold outside, it is understandable that people do not use the fountain. But now Tokyo and the surrounding areas have a hot summer weather, and so I used the fountains whenever I saw one on the platforms. The water is cold enough for me, and probably for others, too.  But I am always the only person using the drinking fountains.



  So I am wondering why people do not drink from the fountains. Possible explanation may be:


1. People buy drinks from vending machines, as they are everywhere, notably on the platforms. There are so many drinks to choose from. If so, this means that I am too cheap to buy a drink from vending machine.


2. People carry their own thermos to keep cold drinks.


3. People do not like tap water. This may be true for younger generations, many of them stick to natural or mineral waters in the PET bottle. But strangely, I even do not see senior people using the fountain, either.


4. People avoid water fountains on the platform for some reason I do not know.



  Today is the national holiday, and I have been to Tokyo. It was so hot and humid all day.



  So, at the end of the day, cold Gazpacho tastes great!



  On my way back to Chiba, I checked several drinking fountains on the every platform I stayed. No one was using the fountains, even though it was still hot and humid at night. Conclusion - I am cheap! But it saves money, too. Lots of them on such a hot day.




Posted on Monday 16 July 2012