Frozen Pizza Tastes Better Now

FUKAI 回転石窯ピザ&ロースタータイマー付き FPM-220

  Last January I bought a table-top pizza oven (electronic) which claims that it bakes pizza, either home-made or frozen, like the ones made out of the clay oven of a good pizzeria. When I saw the reviews, including the ones from Amazon, many people claim that it makes pizza that is more tasty than those from home-delivery pizza chains. One reviewer says he would not ask for pizza delivery any more, but use this pizza oven instead, because even frozen pizzas from grocers taste better than these pizza-delivery giants. Indeed, it is economical, and if you stock frozen pizza in your fridge, you can save even more money, without compromizing with the taste.  

  I did not used this pizza oven until last month (late June), and the pizza I baked from frozen one turned out to taste much better than pizzas I usually ask for delivery, including Domino's and Pizza LA I used to love. To me, the best advantage is that I cut off sodium intake by not eating pizzas from Domino's or other pizza-delivery giants. Frozen or other `ready to bake` pizzas in Japan tend to contain much less sodium and is less salty. By baking by myself, I can also top the pizza with more vegetables or cheese, and control the degree of baking. 


  I have not cooked pizza from scratch yet, but I will do so if I get tired of baking frozen or other pre-made pizza.  But it seems that I will never get tired of eating these pizzas! I can eat them every day.




Posted on Friday 13 July 2012