Salad Udon

  Salad Udon is my favorite dish. It is a new dish at Hanamaru Udon, a nation-wide large udon-noodle restaurant chain from Sanuki, Shikoku, which appear in Murakami's novel Kafka on the Shore. These days I eat Salad Udon before hitting a gym in our town.

  This dish provides enough amount of various vegetables needed for an adult per day. It comes with sesam dressing (tastes like a creamy tahini with a bit of soy flavor), and udon noodle is beneath the vegetables and is soaked with a fish-based soup.


   You can choose the serving size for this dish. Salad portion comes either with 1/2 day or 1 day serving, and udon noodle comes in small (see the above photo, though probably about 10 of them is visible on the photo), medium, and large. I usually order small portion of udon (to lower my carbohydrate intake, especially before the workout at gym), topped with 1-day serving of salad (see above photo, though I took the photo after I ate a bit of them).




Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2012