Eat Agar (Part 2)

  I have been eating agar soups or risottos for lunch this week. When I am too busy to go out for eating or buying lunch, these instant soups/risottos are handy. It is very high in water-soluble dietary fibers, and low in fat and calories.


  The above photo shows two of the agar risottos I have been eating these days. One serving of it provides about 45 to 52 kilocalories. It is produced by Kanten Papa (kanten stands for agar in Japanese), and it tastes great! I has various flavors. My favorite one is chiken burdock flavor. The photo belows shows zosui with turnip greens (zosui is a traditional Japanese-style risotto).  

  One serving is quite filling, and stays long in the stomach, probably due to its high dietary-fiber content. So I eat agar soup, agar risotto, and some sweets (a piece or two of cookies or chocolates given from coworkers during the lunch break) for lunch. Still, the total amount of calorie intake is low.


  Fore more info, visit the product page of Kanten Papa's website:




Posted on Tuesday 10 July 2012