Artichoke Flowers

  We have several artichokes in the small yard next to our office building. Their flowers bloom in late June to early July, and they last for a few weeks. I took these photos this morning.

  They look like big thistle flowers, do they? Yes, they are related. According to Wikipedia, the globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) is a perennial thistle of the genus Cynara originating in Southern Europe around the Mediterranean.

  Artichoke flowers also look like Bart Simpson, but they are not related.

  Though artichoke flowers are beautiful, I am more interested in eating artichokes (edible portion of the buds).

  Did you know that Marilyn Monroe became the first Artichoke Queen of Castroville, California in 1948? Castroville near Monterey, CA, is famous for archichokes, and when she became the queen in this farming town, a producer from Hollywood happened to be in the event in Castroville, and recommend her that she should appear in his film. For details of this story, visit the following website:


  I got to know this story from a bus driver nearly a couple of years ago. It was a half-empty tour bus from San Francisco to Monterey, and we passed through Castroville. While the bus went through the artichoke fields, the driver told the story of Marilyn Monroe as the first Artichoke Queen of Castrovile with her talent discovered by the Hollywood producer.



Posted on Tuesday 3 July 2012