Shake It! Shake It!

  This evening I bought a new protein-shaker, show in the above Youtube video. It was on sale at the gym I visited this evening in Ichikawa City, Chiba, and it claims that protein in the shaker will be easily dissolved with milk, as the shaker has a wire ball that will roll and churn the protein and liquid within while we shake the container.


  My verdict: It did not work well. After shaking a lot to exhaustion, the protein still remains sticky on the sidewall and bottom of the shaker jar. The mixing/churning efficiency of this shaker vs. other products I have (the ones made by EAS, Weiider, etc.) have no difference.


  Oh, I have done it again. I bought a new product without carefully checking reviews on internet, etc. I have myself being a shoppaholic.




Posted on Monday 2 July 2012