Tokyo Station Goes Deep

  There is un urban legend about Tokyo (JR: Japan Rail) station. According to the urban legend, Tokyo Station has a huge shelter for evacuation deeep in the underground. The basis of this urban legend is that some lines that go through Tokyo Station are located too deep into the underground, and we have to spend several minutes to reach the platforms of these lines. The platform of the Sobu Line that connect JR Tokyo and Chiba Stations are located at the deepest point, and so it was often boring for me to go down from the ground level of the Tokyo Station to the Sobu Line's platform level.


  But reaching down to the Sobu Line has just become more comfortable and even fun. Today the gourmet restaurant and shop area has opened on the B1 floor of the Tokyo Station (this n extention of Tokyo GrandSta shop and restaurant area that has been in the ground floor of the station for the past few years). The entrance of this new GrandSta mall is located right next to the escalator leading to the Sobu Line platform, so I can now stop at this mall and spend some time before heading for the platform.


  I took the above photo tonight just before 9:00 pm on my way back to Chiba, after meeting my friend for a quick drink after dinner. The new GrandSta mall was crowded for the opening event and sales, but it was so nice and refreshing to see and sample some gourmet food.




Possted on Thursday 28 June 2012