Foot Protection in the Locker Room

  Most of the gyms in Japan do not allow to wear sandals or slippers in the locker room and the shower room to keep the floor dry and tidy. People walk around either with socks, or with their bare feet in the locker room before and after taking a shower.  Drawback of this rule is, of course, higher risk of getting athlete's foot.


  So I have recently started to wear a pair of disposable shoe cover on my feet after taking a shower and thoroughly cleaning and drying my feet. So my feet has no direct contact with the floor of the locker room and shower room of the gym I visit. Of course, I thoroughly dry my body before wearing the shoe cover on my bear feet, and then towel-dry the shoe covers before entering the locker room. This works well: I keep my feet clean and germ-free, and no one complains about me wearing the shoe covers.




Posted on Wednesday 27 June 2012