Herb and Dorothy: Original Film and the Sequel

  Tonight I joined a press conference of film director Megumi Sasaki who made a documentary film "Herb and Dorothy" which was released in the US by PBS in 2008 (see the above video).

  The press conference was preceded by the screening of the film (87 minute long), and a 15-minute-long trailer of the sequel film, "Herb and Dorothy 50x50."

  The films are about Herb and Dorothy Vogel, a couple living in New York City since about 60 years ago. They are not rich, and live in a small apartment. But they are well known among artists, art dealers, and museum curators, because the Vogels have been buying art works from so many artists in NYC, and have made a huge collection of modern conceptural art. People in the art community love the Vogels who are like a mascot for every art lovers. For the further info of the film, visit the following website:




  I loved the original film (and the trailer of the upcoming sequel), and I would love to see Herb and Dorothy Vogel! They are such lovery and warm characters. I also enjoyed the press conference (Q and A session of the films) of Megumi Sasaki. She was so honest, sincere, and spoke about this film, the Vogels, and the industry from the bottom of her heart, by exposing all of her passions and agony in making these documentary films. I have never seen any film director who has such an openness to questions from the press and other audience members. It was also like attending an introductory class or workshop on how to make living as a documentary film director living in NYC. I had a chance to talk with her after the press conference, and she was so lovely person just as Herb and Dorothy Vogels are.


  If you love art -- any kind of art, I do recommend to watch this film!




Posted on Friday 22 June 2012