This afternoon I joined a seminar/workshop on eliminating clutters in the office. This event was held in Aoyama, Tokyo, and was organized by KingJim, a leading stationery and office supply company in Japan.


  I learnt a lot from this workshop and I might write a separate article(s) about it soon. KingJim also run a demo on their latest products, including the SnapNote, a notebook which is easily cut (torn) by hands to be ready for scanning.

  The writing/drawing on the ScanNote can also be converted (in color) to a digital file by taking a photo using iPhone. You need to install a free app from KingJim to your iPhone first though. Using this app, your iPhone will automatically recognize the position of your ScanNote, and correct/remove the distortion of the image created by the positioning of your iPhone camera so that the resultant image has much less distortion as if it was scanned using an ordinary scanner. This saves a lot of time.




Posted on Friday 15 June 2012