Where is Pomeranian?

  I am a big fan of Pomera, a portable word-processing device produced by KingJim. When front cover is opened, it takes only a couple of seconds before the device become ready for entering/editing text. When the cover is closed, the text is saved automatically, without the need to turn the power switch off. When the cover is reopened, the text you were using the last time will automatically open in a couple of seconds. How convenient! So I use pomera not only for writing articles, but also for jotting ideas, shopping list, etc. Pomera also has a file in a calendar for so that you can use it as a daily planner or a diary. Over the past five years, I bought five pomeras (including its very first model), and am now using the latest model DM100.  

KING JIM デジタルメモ「ポメラ」 DM100クロ ブラック

  Whereas earlier models of Pomera had a foldable keyboard, this latest model DM100 has a non-foldable, straight and rigid keyboard so that I can use it on top of one of my knees while sitting in the train/bus or anywhere. Last December, when I was typing some blog articles in Seattle Airport on my knee while while waiting for boarding to a severely delayed airplane, it was so convenient, I did not waste my time. This model has a spreadsheet format and so I use it to log my health conditions (weight, body fat %, food intake, etc.) every day, and the achievement of my physical exercise (type of weight training, load, reps, etc.).


  But strangely, I have never seen other people using pomera at all. In the train or cafe, I see many people using laptop computer or iPad every day, but not Pomera. Pomera has been a big hit in Japan - that is how KingJim advertises Pomera, including its latest model, and I agree that Pomera is a great gadget. But where are other Pomeranians?




Posted on Monday 11 June 2012