Zen Breathing

  This afternoon I went to engaku-ji in Kamakura again for zen meditation (zazen). This time I moved to "level 2" (not for abosolute beginners) class, and the zazen session turned out to be extraordinarily good. It has a powerful detox effect on both body and soul, and naturally I got started very deep abdominal breathing so that I felt every single drop of air and liquid was squeezed out of my body everytime I exhaled. I have studied abdominal breathing technique for nearly 10 years, but it was today's zazen session when I have experienced the deepest and the most effective abdominal breezing.


  After zazen, we chanted the Buddhist scriptures in a loud voice.  One drawback was that, with the aid of unexpectedly powerful abdominal power, I chanted so loudly that I became hoarse. Even at this moment late at night, I could not speak without pain. But I am so glad that I joined this session, and I will come back to this zen meditation session next Saturday. Tonight one of my friends has just asked me to join his hiking trip next Saturday, but I declined his offer. Zen meditation is more important to me - it is the most effective way I have ever experienced to gain internal peace and calm mind.




Posted on Saturday 2 June 2012