Lodging at Traditional Japanese House

  Last night I stayed at Kamakura Guesthouse, a domitory-style lodging located in the residential area of northwestern Kamakura. This is a popular lodging for backpackers from all over the world. This is because:


(1) It costs only 3,000 yen per night (towel is not provided, so bring your own) 


(2) The building has a traditional Japanese style (see photos above and below) which  has been disappearing from many parts of Japan.


(3) You can cook your own meals with well-equiped kitchen.


(4) It is run by a young kind family who constantly provides provides warm and homey atomosphere.


(5) Interesting people gather here, and many of them (including Japanese)are world travellers (or at least, devoted travel lovers).  

  This was my first time to stay here, and both the staff and the guests were so friendly that it was very easy to break an ice. I checked in after 5:00 pm (after the zen meditation practice in northern Kamakura), and soon I got to know both the staff members (including the owner family) and many of the guests. So we went out for dinner together, and had a nice conversation. Even after we returned to this guesthouse, we kept talking past the midnight. It was very interesting, often funny with lots of jokes, and energizing to hear their adventure stories what took place in the world's most remote areas. I am so glad that I stayed at this guesthouse, and got to know these people. I will probably stay here next weekend, too.


  The owner of the guesthouse practice zen meditation, and he will take guests by car to the morning meditation session at a nearby zen temple upon request.


  For further information, visit their website:






Posted on Sunday 3 June 2012