Getting Fit in Harajuku

  Yesterday morning I went to Harajuku, Tokyo. The reason was not to see something kawaii or other pop cultures of Japanese youngsters. I was doing a physical exercise here, but not dancing or playing some sports in the adjoining Yoyogi Park.

  My exercise spot was about 10 minute walk from the JR Harajuku Station to the southeast toward Omotesando.

  I took the above photo around 9 am, before the shops open. So the streets were not crowded with shoppers, tourists, and cars yet. I walked along these quiet streets for about 15 minutes before 9 am. The sun was already strong, and the back of my neck started to burn by the time I arrived here. I saw several joggers on the street, and they seem to enjoy running on the wide and quiet street by taking advantage of early Sunday morning.

  I visited the above gym today, and did work out for about a couple of hours until 11 am. This gym (Harajuku branch) opens 24/7, and it was not crowded while I was there. It has excellent weight-training and muscle-conditioning machines, and a pleasant cafe serving protein drinks. As I have recently become a member of this gym (accessible to any branch in Japan as well as some branches in the US, etc.), I might visit this Harajuku branch again next weekend, too.

  When I came out of the gym to the street around 11:30 am, the streets, notably around the Harajuku Station and the entrance of Yoyogi Park, were getting crowded. Nice weather might also help many people come here. Maybe next time I should visit the gym a bit earlier.


  I worked in the library in central Tokyo whole afternoon, but I was full of energy and had a focus. Maybe the morning exercise at the gym helped.




Posted on Monday 28 May 2012