Eri Ohno the Jazz Singer

  Last night I joined a live performance of Eri Ohno, a well-known jazz singer since 1979.

  Her performance was excellent, and it was one of the three best woman jazz vocalists (including one American woman) I have ever heard on live. Her entire body resonates with her powerful voice, as if she is a natural-born singer with perfect skeletons for the gorgeous acoustic effect.

  She is also adept at mellow or sad songs. When I heard she sang the old song "Bridges", her voice with beautiful melody and touching lyrics brought me tears. My old American friend, who was drinking and listening right in front of her, was also crying. The following video shows her recorded performance of this song, though I think the live version I heard last night was much better.

 For the bio of Eri Ohno, visit the following website:




Posted on Sunday 27 May 2012