Not Happy with All-In-One Cafe Machine

  From washing/drying machine to audio-visual equipment, all-in-one machine often has a substantial risk in terms of its performance quality. Well, it is cost-efffective and does not take up so much spaces as I would buy individual parts separately. But when it comes to coffee, however, it is difficult for me, probably for most coffee lovers, to compromize with the quality of the product.


  One of the example is Nespresso cafe machine (Lattissima, in the above video) which I bought more than 3 years ago. Even though I bought 5 espresso machines since I moved to Japan seven years ago, and 4 of them are Nespresso machines, I have a deep regret to have bought this. The quality of espresso is OK, but when it comes to Cappucino or Latte, the steamed milk does not taste so good as I would expect - the foams of milk are a just not right. So I have not made Cappucino or Latte using the above machine for more than three years - I only use it as an expresso maker.

  To compromize, use Nespresso's Aeroccino (see above video). It is easy to use, quick to make steamed milk for Latte/Cappucino, and easy to clean. The froth of the milk is much better than Lattissimo. So when I make Latte/Cappucino, I combine the use of Lattissimo (for expresso) and Aeroccino (for steamed milk).


  So if you buy Nespresso's product, I recommend you buy Aeroccino, and simple expresso machine without milk steamer. These expresso machines are much cheaper, and has many different models.




Posted on Wednesday 29 May 2012