The Motivational Speaker

  Over the past 10-15 years, I have been listening to motivational speeches, whether it is on Youtube, audiobook downloads to PC/iPod/iPhone, CD, DVD, or even casette tapes. Still, one of the best motivational speeches I have ever heard is Cheryl Richardson's speech "Finding Your Passion." The title almost sounds like Tony Robbins, eh? But to me, Cheryl is the winner. Her lecture audio is available from


  You have probably heard of Cheryl Richardson because of her bestseller book "Take Time for Your Life" published in 1999.

Take Time for Your Life
Three Rivers Press

  Cheryl Richardson also published the audio version of her bestseller book read by herself. To me, her lecture "Finding Your Passion" sounds more natural and lively, and is better than the audiobook of her bestseller "Take time for your life". I listened to this lecture for the first time around 2007, and I have recently listened to it again. Her lecture still sounds so fresh, soothing, and profoundly motivating. It works to anyone!




Posted on Wednesday 16 May 2012