Refreshingly Addicted

  I have recently started to use Phillips Sonicare AirFloss. It has been advertised on TV, etc. for a few months, and I was a bit cautious before purchasing it by doing some research on this. I purchased it from Amazon Japan (from the link below) last week, and I have been using it for several days. The result is Positive. It is so refreshing that I cannot live without it!

  Conventional dental floss works better than AirFloss in terms of the amount of plaque removed. However, the traditional floss is time consuming. Waterjet floss is another option and is time efficient. However, it uses a large water tank and is not suitable for carrying around or travelling. If you brush teeth and floss (or add flossing) at public lavatory after lunch/dinner, this is the one to buy. AirFloss also makes brushing time so fun!


  If you would like to remove more plaque, you could combine the use of AirFloss and conventional floss. I use AirFloss at my workplace and gym, and conventional floss at night at home or a hotel room.


  The following Youtube video shows an ad of the AirFloss with audio in English and a Japanese subtitle.



Posted on Wednesday 9 May 2012