Do I Look Fat in This?

  Last month I was interviewed by a magazine of Nikkei Business Press, who was compiling the latest special issue on how to get the most out of iPad. The magazine features comments from several experts working in a diversity of professions. In the scientist category, they picked me up. This was simply because I wrote several articles on the iPad app 1-2 years ago in my old Japanese blog (which terminated last month). One of the magazine writers found them and contacted me to find more about how I use iPad in my daily life for teaching, communicating with students, doing scientific research, and writing papers for peer-reviewed journals and publications. So I met up with the writer and two photographers in Tokyo on a unusually stormy day in late March. Unexpectedly many trains including mine were severely delayed or their operations cancelled, due to the strong wind like a typhoon in the Greater Tokyo area , causing a mess in the train system. We set up the interview time at 11:30 am on Saturday, but I could not reach Tokyo in time, and it was 3:30 pm on the day when we started an interview.

  The iPad special issue came out yesterday, and today I have received a copy from the publisher. When I saw the article on me, I could not help giving a big grin: I look much thinner and healthier than I acutally am! Who said that photos make you look fat? Many thanks go to the photographers.




Posted on Thursday 19 April 2012