Zflex: a Computer Stand with Great Versatility

  Have you heard of zflex? It is a computer stand which changes its shape with great flexibility. I use it not only for my computer, but also for iPad and books.


  The height and angle of the computer is easily adjustable for your optimum performance, whether you use it on a table/desk, kitchen counter, sofa/ coach, or even on the bed. You can also set it up like a small desk from the floor when you could not find any table/desk but a chair/bench when you are on the road. Watch the following video:

Zflex デスク ( ジーフレックス シルバー )

  I have three zflex stands (silver, black, and pink) and use them at home and office. As I can keep more natural posture while using computers or iPad with zflex, I immediately started to feel much less fatigue or neck pains after long hours of working with zflex.

  One drawback is that it may be a bit too heavy, so it is not suitable to carry around with your suitcase unless you travel by car. It may also be a bit too big to fit to small suitcase for a short trip.

  For me, however, it is a different story. I got addicted to, and I bought a carrying bag. I always travel with my zflex in the bag for domestic business trips in Japan. By doing so, I do not have to worry about the height of the desk/table in the hotel room, cafe, or other work places, and I can always create the most ergonomic working environment for me.




Posted on Monday 16 April, 2012