Capsule Hotel Gets Posh in Shinjuku

  The video below shows an old, stereo-typical (yet cheaper) capsule hotel in Shinjuku. 

  I won't stay there: it is a lowest-budget end member of capsule hotels, whereas the one I stay is more posh (yet still not expensive) with a mixture of Tokyo, Bali resort, and near-futuristic atmosphere. In recent years these posh capsule hotels have been increasing in Japan and have been used as an oasis for salary men to relax with the spa/massage facilities and sleep longer hours by skipping commuting home (riding train for an hour or even longer for one way) once in a while.  

  The above video says that the lowest-budget capsule hotel is for budget-travelers from foreign countries to experience what capsule hotel is like. I wonder how there foreigners would feel if they stay at the posh end-member of capsule hotels.