Deep-Pan Pizza Gets Deeper in Tokyo


  With the largest number of stars in Michelin guidebook in the world for the year 2013, Tokyo has recently been considered as one of the gastronomic capitals in the world. But there are some complaints among foreigners and tourists about foods in Japan. Small portion for a serving (rather than cost itself) is one of them, and I have heard similar complaints from my American friends. If you have similar complaints, try a Deep Pan pizza at Devil Craft in Tokyo.

  Devil Craft serves high-quality craft beers from the US, Japan, and other countries, and was established by three American men living in Tokyo a couple of years ago. It has two branches in Tokyo: Kanda and Hamamatsucho. We went to the one in Kanda this evening for a pint or two of IPA from the US (breweries in Colorado and San Diego), and shared a small deep-pan pizza with Greek fillings/toppings. We were chatting with two strangers, Jeffrey from Taiwan/Hawaii and Sonny from Vancouver, and they ordered a large deep-pan pizza with meat lover's fillings.

  When we visited this branch last November, we met a young American lady who teach English in Nagano. She came all the way from Nagato to Tokyo by coach (highway-express bus) just to eat this deep-pan pizza at the Devil Craft. According to her, there is no pizza delivery service as well as franchised pizza chains like Domino in Nagano, probably due to heavy snow in winter, and she had been craving for the pizza. She said she was going to take a coach back to Nagano soon after eating up her pizza. Coming to Tokyo just for pizza - that's amazing.

  Reservation is a must when visiting Devil Craft. It is almost always very crowded. If you would like to reserve for a large group, Hamamatsucho branch is better. Check their website: