Brain-Training Game: It Works!


  Though the positive effect of brain-training games remains controversial (watch the above video), overall it seem to be working for me.


  I have been using Lumosity and Nintendo since January 2013. I was training my brain more often in January-February, when I felt significant improvements of my peripheral vision, calculations, and attension span. I stopped using Nintendo in February to save time, and since then I stick to using Lumosity (watch the videos below).  



  I used to play Lumosity every day, but these days I play only once a week or less to save even more time (this might be an excuse of not playing for brain training). I still feel I need to play more often to improve my working memory.


  Then today, I have received an interesting e-mail (newsletter) from Lumosity: Stanford scientists discovered that Lumosity games improve cognitive skills among women who suffer from cognitive decline due to side-effect of chemotherapy to cure breast cancers. See the article below: