Caffè Italiano in Tokyo

Segafredo is one of my favorite cafe chains. With strong red and black coloration of its interior (exterior as well), it has a unique atomosphere as if it raises my adorenarine level while relaxing with the aroma of coffee. So I rush into one of Segafredo cafe when I need to energize and wake me up without taking too much caffeine.


One drawback of my stay with Segafredo is that it attracts many smokers (more smoking area is assigned than other cafe chains I know of).  As a die-hard nonsmoker, I always try to find a seat near the entrance of Segafredo cafes, even though they have non-smoking areas.  


Lavazza cafe and Illy in Tokyo also has many smokers, too, so it may be reflecting their Italian origin. Coping with smoking culture is a challenge for me every tiime I visit Europe, ranging from a pub in England to a cafe in Norway, even though the number of non-smoking restaurants, bars, and cafes has been increasing year by year.


Oh, I have just found an interesting website on a caffe in Italy: