I Hate Beer Now (Part 4)

  Every night, on my way back home from the gym, I drop in at a supermarket adjacent to the train station that I use to change my train, and buy food and drinks. By saying food, I mean fresh veggies/fruit, fish/meat, and dairy products (Yes, I enjoy cooking healthy meals these days). By drink, I mean Non-Alcohol drink. Because of the heat of the summer night, I buy non-alcohol beer or cocktail, and drink one can a night while reading or doing some late night work with a PC, before going to bed.


  My favorite non-alcohol beer was Sapporo's Premium Alcohol Free Black, which tastes like a real (well, almost real) stout. I was drinking this beer for three successive nights, and it tastes great after physical exercise and bathing in the gym. But, here is a BIG BUT, last night I discovered that this non-alcohol stout (1 can) contains 98 kcal of energy, and to the matter worse, it contains 12.95 mg of purine. So I am not going to drink this stout again.




Thursday 16 August 2012