I Hate Beer Now

  Last night I was drinking with one of my Britih friends at the press club in Tokyo, as he was performing a music there.  

  I do not drink these days - only three or four times a month, and the number of my alcohol intake has been decreasing. So when I had a beer last night, after 10 days of non-drinking period, beer did not taste good any more. We tried three different types of beer, but none of them taste good to me any longer.

  Yet, to me, the above beer tasted the best among the three. It's called Dead Guy Ale and is of May Bock type from Oregon.

  My friend liked the IPA (Indila Pale Ale) in the above photo. This is also from Oregon.


  This morning I had a terrible hangover, though I did not drink much last night. Finally my body has become not tolerant even to "moderate" amount of alcohol intake. Now I can proudly say that I hate beer. Sorry guys, but this is the result I wanted for months. Stopping beer saves not only health and wellness, but also money.


  Now I am trying to minimize alcohol intake, by saying no to peer pressure from my friends. I have so many friends who are die-hard social drinkers.




Posted on Sunday 8 July 2012