To run this website, I use Jimdo, a Germany-based web-production company that provide a variety of design templates and easy-to-use online editing tools in the cloud. Last night I wrote an article about a health benefit of eating French baguette. I recommended to make your own sandwiches using baguette, instead of eating sandwiches from a certain sandwich chain from the US (and is now in Japan), without any offensive comment. This morning, when I checked the article, the main text has disappeared. Only the youtube video which was embedded at the top of the article (immediately below the title)  remained intact. I wonder what's going on. Is it the problem of the web provider, or a hacker?


  I am not fully recovered yet from my sickness (allergic rash due to insect poisoning) and so I did not have any energy left to re-write the article and post it. So the baguette article remains vanished.




Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2012