Fear Makes You Drink Alcohol

Quit Drinking : Alcohol Lied to Me
Craig Beck

  As a sociable person, I have frequent opportunity to have dinner and drink with others: colleagues, friends, potential new clients, and strangers I met at parties. One of the challenges in such social life is to reduce the calorie and alcohol intake, and to stay fit.


  Temptation of alcohol usually comes from friends who says "Drink more", or "if you do not drink, you are not sociable". Sometimes it is the staff at the restaurants/bars I visit frequently - they observe my favorite drink, and ask for the same drink, or recommend new ones to try. But I should never blame any of these people -- at the end of the day, it is my choice to drink, even a glass of wine.


  These days I have more assertion to say No to alcohol in front of them, and except for wine-tasting event which I join every 3 months or so. Even at these events, I do not drink much. If 30 different kinds of wines are at presented at such event, I taste (like a sipping or two, not drinking) five of them by carefully reading information in handout/panphret, or ask the sommelier(s) in the venue to choose several wines for me.  I do not eat food, or have only a few snacks at the venue. But unlike what I used to worry about, these days my friends do not complain about me not drinking or eating as much as they expect.  So my peer pressure has dissipated, and I have been feeling much better these days -- sleeping well, mentally sharp, my entire body vigorated, as if my brain has been totally detoxicated.


  One of the reasons I became so confident about non-drinking at such social occasions is that I have recently read the above book, "Quit Drinking: Alcohol Lied to Me" by Craig Beck. I listend to the audio version of this book:




  The audiobook was so powerful and persuasive that I do not want to drink alcohol at all.


  This book is not for alcoholic but for people who have a habit of drinking a "little" amount which they think is safe and have no advert effect to health. This book claim, in an intelligent way, that people drink alcohol because it quickly help they detatch their minds from their harsh real lives, and eliminate their fear which they may or may not aware of. The author powerfully states that any amount of alcohol is not good for your life, including your health and social life. This book works, so try it!




Posted on Wednesday 30 May 2012