The Art & Gourmet Square in Tokyo

  One of my favorite lunch spots in Tokyo is Marunouchi Brick Square near Tokyo Station. It is located among the tall buildings of the Marunouchi District, adjacent to the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum.

  There are several sculptures along the walk way of the garden in the central to the southeastern part of the square.

  It is relaxing to walk through this pass and have a look at the sculptures, most of which are for a temporary exhibition and are replaced by new ones from time to time.

  Today around the lunch time I visited this small square with my friend (Czech photographer). It was unusually crowded with Japanese families, probably because today is the last day of the Golden Week holiday season of Japan. Besides, the fun finally came up today after having rainy days for the past few days. So it was like an early summer day, and people enjoying their lunch or snack they bought at nearby delis or bakeries.   

  We got in to a European-style bakery at the southwestern corner of the square. They have excellent foods, notably crepe/galette and quiche, among many French/Italian breads and pastries.

  Today we had focaccia topped with assorted vegetables, sausages and cheese in the cafe section of the bakery.

  The focaccia cost about 400 yen for each, and it was filling. They also had lovely selections of wine, and it cost only 500 yen for a glass. Having a couple of focaccias and a glass of red wine, I paid 1,380 yen (including sales tax) today. Good deal!


  There are many pleasant restaurants and cafes in the buildings surrounding the square, and the basement below the square. I will report some of them, soon.




Posted on Sunday 6 May 2012