Under Pressure

  Today actor Tadanobu Asano came to the press club, to promote the movie Battleship, in which he appears as one of the important characters.  

  Right before the press conference, there was a screening of the film (133 min), but this was not a premier. The world premier of the film was in Tokyo on April 3, 2012. The film was released in Japan on April 13, 2012. It will be released in the US this month.

  It was fantastic seeing Asano san during the Q & A session. The movie, however, did not impress me much.

  I feel Asano deserves a much better role than the one he had in the film.  I even feel he should appear in other films instead, so should Liam Neeson who had a "small" role of Admiral Shane, the United States Pacific Fleet commanding officer, in the film. If you see this Hollywood film and have seen Asano's other (even small indie) films produced in Japan before, you will probably understand what I mean.

  We are all with you, Asano san. Go for it!




Posted on Tuesday 1 May 2012