iPod Nano: iPhone's Little Helper

  I used to have an iPhone4, and last January, I switched to iPhone 4S. Even though I used airplane mode to save energy most of the time, the battery life of iPhone4S degraded day by day, and within a month, I ended up with charging my iPhone4S twice a day. 


  This annoys me the most when I am out of my office and have to use iPhone4S on the road. I have an external battery for the iPhone, but it is awkward to use this to be attached to the iPhone in operation. Both my iPhone and the external battery needed to be charged at least once a day.


  One of the reasons that my iPhone gets run out of battery so quickly was that I listen to music (mostly audiobooks and news/science podcasts) often while commuting to my work place and traveling on the train. So I have recently bought a "latest" model of iPad nano so that I can listen to the audio with it, instead of the iPhone. I mean "latest" because it was released in 2010.

Apple iPod nano 8GB グラファイトMC688J/A

  It comes with either 8GB or 16GB memory. Though the one with 8GB memory is cheaper, I bought the one with 16GB memory, because I am addicted to listening to podcasts (English, mostly from the US) and audiobooks.

Apple iPod nano 16GB グラファイト MC694J/A

  In addition to commuting time, I listen to them while doing a monotonous work such as photocopying, scanning, or chore such as washing and cleaning at home. Using iPod nano at these times alone saves the battery of my iPhone. In addition, I started to turn off the iPhone while I am in my office as I am accessible via e-mails on my PC or my office phone. I also turn off the iPhone when I am engaged in writing or other works that require focus. In this way, now I have to charge the battery of my iPhone less frequently - once a day is more than enough - which is about 50% of what I used to do.

  Another merit of switching (back) to iPod nano is its light weight and superb mobility. I used to drop my iPhone off to the ground once or twice every week when I kept it in my pocket during an office hour. To the matter worse, I dropped my old iPhone (iPhone4) at a gym last January, and ended up with buying a new one (iPhone4S). Three weeks later, one of the gym staff found my old and "lost" iPhone under the treadmill. This sixth generation of iPod nano comes with a clip at its back, and is easier to attach to clothes.


  Because of a minor health problem, I have recently been avoiding intensive exercises, and I have not been to the gym for a while. Hopefully this iPod nano will help me get back to daily physical exercise at the gym.


Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2012