Nakano: the Microcosm of Tokyo (Part 2)

  In the shopping street of Nakano, which appeared in yesterday's article, we found several attractive shops, cafe, and restaurants. The cartoon character cat in the above photo is a mascot of this shopping street (photo taken in the cafe in yesterday's article).

  Today I will show two of them - traditional rice cracker shops.

  Tajimaya (但馬屋) sells bite-sized Japanese snacks, including arare (tiny rice crackers), flavored nuts, and pea & bean snacks.

  I bought three packs: wasabi-flavored pea snack, mixed arare & nuts, and tricolor bean snack (shrimp, curry, and wasabi-flavored) as a small gift for my friends.

  Raijindo (雷神堂)sells senbei (palm-sized rice cracker). We tried some samples, which were so tasty, and it appeared, at first, as a traditional senbei shop.

  Soon we found out that this shop is quite unusual senbei shop, featuring "senbei with picture". They also sell pictured senbei specially crafted for St. Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, and birthdays. They also take an order for senbei with a person's name.

  Martin bought a senbei with a picture. Can you see what the picture is?

The answer is:

  Bullet train!




Posted on Sunday 22 April 2012


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