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Hello everyone!


  My name is Shuji, and I'm a science professor (well, associate prof.,  though) at Chiba University, Japan. Today I have started this blog in English, and a website titled "Geo-Science Writer", which I am hoping will serve as an information source on various matters in Earth Sciences for non-experts (general public) and expert-to-be (students). I'll introduce myself later little by little.


  Tokyo and the surrounding areas (Chiba city, in which our university resides) are covered with cherry blossoms since last Thursday (the day after an unusually big spring storm hit the Tokyo/Chiba areas), and the flowers are fully bloomed today. The above photo shows a park near my apartment.


  Our university campus is also covered with cherry blossoms (see photos below). It is the most beautiful time of the year over here, because cherry blossoms (Somei Yoshino, the most common type of cherry trees) last only for a week.

  Turtles in our campus seem to enjoy sunbathing while watching the cherry petals falling into their pond. Turtles live long and are a symbol for longevity in Japanese culture. Ironically cherry blossoms are a symbol for short-lived beauty.




Posted on Monday 9 April 2012


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